Cathy at home


Cathy, a doctor of medicine, worked for 20 years in the field, both in hospital and general practice. In 1998 she was forced to give up practice due to ill health. Her journey to reclaim her life forms the story which is told in her first book, a memoir Innocence Revisited – a tale in parts which was published early in 2010. The publication of her book realised Cathy’s life-time ambition to become a writer.

Cathy is also the chairperson of ASCA (Adults Surviving Child Abuse), a national organisation dedicated to meeting the needs of the more than 2 million Australian adults abused as children. This is a role she has held for 5 years on and off. During most of the last decade, she has volunteered for ASCA, often on a full-time basis holding  a variety of leadership roles within the organisation either as a director, or as Head of Strategy. She has been a driving force for change, spearheading a philosophical shift in organisational direction and services, as well as taking a key advocacy role.

Cathy works to educate the community and governments to shatter the stigma and taboo around the legacy of child abuse. She has applied the skills and experience she acquired during her years of medical practice to the mental health arena with a particular focus on the health needs of those who experienced childhood trauma.

Cathy represents ASCA on MHCA (Mental Health Council of Australia) and Families Australia. In 2009 she was short-listed for CLW’s Leadership Achievement Award for Women and appointed an ambassador for National Families Week. She is also a director of the MHCC (Mental Health Coordinating Council – NSW)

Cathy is married with 4 children and 1 foster child and lives in Sydney, Australia.