Book review (published ASTSS newsletter April 2011)


Dr Cathy Kezelman

Published by JoJo Publishing ―Yarra Edge‖ 2203/80 Lorimer Street Docklands VIC 3008 Email: or visit

This book was brought to my attention by a patient who is suffering with dissociative identity disorder. She has been in contact with the author, as apparently have many other sufferers from this condition, which is much more common than professionals realise and grossly under diagnosed.

The author is a qualified medical practitioner and the current chairperson of ASCA (Adults Surviving Child Abuse) and it is a remarkable tale of survival recovery.

Professor Freda Briggs AO – Emeritus Professor of Child Development states, ―Child sex abuse is known to be one of the greatest contributors to later mental illness, substance abuse, self harm and suicide.‖ She hopes that the story will encourage others to create a safer and more caring world for children.

The book is an easy read and recommended for anyone who wishes to deal with patients

Dulcie Veltman