Innocence Revisited: A tale in parts


This book is not just another memoir by another victim of child sexual abuse.

It is an intensely personal story which skilfully weaves a tale back and forth through time and space, capturing the confusion and despair of both the child and the adult as she searches for certainty in a world of shadows and falsehood. We journey with Cathy as she goes in search of ten lost years of her childhood, feeling her suffering acutely but also celebrating her triumphs. It is  also a vivid portrayal both of the intricate psychological contortions of a child towards  psychic survival and of the mental processes of the adult towards a full life.  

This book is a message of hope for those staring death in the face, those who cannot see a way forward into a life of health, those who daily revisit the terror and abject cruelty of their childhoods and those who fear they are losing their minds and descending into madness. It is a landmark book – a roadmap to health for those who feel isolated, lost and terrified and a reflective guide for the health professionals who work with them. In telling her story Cathy displays how an analytical psychotherapeutic process can guide a trauma survivor from confusion through chaos to stability and understanding.

The story ends with a quiet sense of hope as Cathy, having integrated those ten forgotten childhood years, enjoys enriched relationships with her family and friends, and an untapped enthusiasm for the next phase of her life.

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