Happiness and its Causes

I am to be interviewed by Julie McCrossin on March 1 at Happiness and its Causes, a conference to be held at Sydney Town Hall. For more informati0on go to


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Presentation – complex trauma

The following presentation was given at Inaugural Conference, Westmead Psychotherapy Program for Complex Traumatic Disorders, 10th November 2011. It is available on registration at psychevisual http://www.psychevisual.com/



This presentation, “Responding to the needs of consumers with complex trauma histories a consumer perspective” focuses on the needs of adult survivors of child abuse, highlighting the frequent failures of the current system to identify them and respond appropriately. Using her personal journey of recovery from complex trauma at the core of which is childhood abuse, Cathy explores the distinguishing features of complex trauma presentations. In so doing she stresses the need to respond holistically to each person with full awareness of their lived experience. She highlights the need for the research of the last thirty years to be incorporated into practice with a trauma-informed approach to care bringing better outcomes for consumers with complex trauma histories.

I have read your book

I have read your book and it has been such a gift of healing for me.

I felt such a deep connection with the pain of your experiences and felt tremendous sadness for you that I was then able to experience towards myself.

As a health professional I have felt tremendous shame in not being able to heal myself and was unable to acknowledge the depths of my dissociation.

Your capacity to articulate your experience of this has helped me to understand its complexity and function and have increased my compassion for myself in my ongoing journey towards healing.

I resonated with your words that “every survivor has been granted the gift of life, not once, or twice but over and over again. It’s a gift that deserves to be celebrated.” I so hope that I really come to really know this.

Your life is such a testimony of HOPE. I hope that I can have the same courage that you have had – for me, my husband and children.

Your story has been such a gift that is precious beyond words, Cathy.