Trauma, Trauma Frameworks and Being “Trauma-Informed”

Trauma, Trauma Frameworks and Being “Trauma-Informed”

On the 7th August 2013 the Clearinghouse convened a forum about trauma-informed practice, jointly hosted with the Australian Centre for Study of Sexual Assault (ACSSA)

We invited an assembled panel of experts in the area to address the topic: In what ways can service interventions re-traumatise survivors of previous trauma?

I delivered a keynote address, before the panel discussed a range of issues around dealing with trauma and the need to be ‘trauma-informed’ in practice situations. A Q&A session allowed practitioners and service representatives to further engage the panel on a range of important issues.

The forum was an excellent opportunity to learn from practitioners operating in a range of settings and culturally diverse environments about how they each work with trauma in their own settings. Themes discussed included: how trauma affects the body and mind, how to recognise and address the impacts of trauma in young children, how services may inadvertently replicate power differentials and practices that can re-traumatise clients, and what needs to happen to ensure that all services become ‘trauma-informed’.

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