Launch of Fear Factor Terror Incognito

Susanne and Cathy at Susanne's launch

This afternoon I was delighted to go along to the grand old Hughenden Hotel in Woollahra Sydney to attend the launch of Fear Factor Terror Incognito. The irrepressible Susanne Gervay, one of the 19 contributors to this work  spoke passionately about the desire of all the authors involved to make a statement about humanity and our common bond in the fight against terror. She said that this book is working towards achieving ‘world peace’ and that for a change, those making the statement really mean it! 

With contributions by Salman Rushdie, David Malouf, Thomas Keneally, this book is a serious work. It was the brainchild of Meenakshi Bharat and Shaon Rundle and as Susanne said, the editors were inundated with short story contribtuions. Their drive and dedication has produced an emotive and powerful work.