Love, warmth and support

Thank you for wrting Innocence Revisited – a tale in parts. I read your book in one sitting, not wanting to leave you in your struggle for one minute. I wanted to reach out to you with an outpouring of love and acknowledgment of your life.

Not knowing how to do this effectively I humbly wrote these words in the hope that they could add to your strength and resolve to allow the healing force within you to thrive. A force that allows you to discover love and support intenrally, externally and eternally.

Thank you for your survival, courage and determination,. whilst I can’t begin to comprehend the depths of your suffering I recognise the importance of us moving beyond our hell. Hopefully with this telling of your story, Cathy more of us can emulate you and be a positive force in this world.

I honour you, your integrated self

With love R.