Your survival is remarkable and profound

I have read your book.  Your survival is remarkable and profound, as is your expose’ expressed in parts.  This shocking story, sickening to the soul, serves to give hope, at least to other survivors embarking on the road to recovery.  I am amazed at your resilience and compulsion to deal with very difficult issues.  Congratulations on articulating this very difficult history.

I wish you continued success on your road to recovery, in finding the life that was robbed of you!

Thank you for sharing it with us.

 From John

Mark Tedeschi QC

Cathy and husband Dan speaking with Mark Tedeschi at launch

This book is not just another memoir by another victim of child sexual abuse. It is much more than that. It is more than anything a vivid and emotionally poignant portrayal in the first person of the intricate psychological and emotional contortions that a child will go through in an attempt to ensure the child’s psychic survival during a time of abject terror. It is also a dramatic and detailed description of the psychological proceses involved in an adult striving for the state of health that comes from exhuming those memories of child sexula abuse that were deeply buried so many years previously.

This book is a roadmap for other victims of child sexual assault who are facing the trauma of dealing with events that happened many years earlier. It is a strong message of hope for those staring death in the face, those who cannot see a way forward into a life of health, those who face rejection of their memories from family and friends, those who daily revisit the terror and abject cruelty they experienced as children, and those who fear that they are lsoing their minds and descending into madness.

This is a message of hope in a bottle and a roadmap towards heatlh for those who feel isolated, lost and terrified.

Sue Gervay speaks about launch of Innocence Revisited


‘Dr Cathy Kezelman has turned trauma to hope in her personal account of child abuse in her book’, said Senior Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC. Tedeschi’s moving speech revealed that he has met child abusers in his court and they are capable of everything Cathy experienced.  Cathy ‘conquered the demons to find her family and herself.  

GleeBooks was filled to capacity as Cathy spoke about  her life – the abuse, the silence, the final crash when all the memories came back in frightening memories – and the twelve turbulent hard years she and her family travelled to find Cathy and heal. Cathy’s 4 children moved the audience to tears as they expressed their love of their mother, and their father who stood beside them during these years of self discovery.  They felt that their mother had given them the gift of truth and the strength to strive for survival and find freedom. It was beautiful. They especially expressed their gratitude and love to artist Sue Meyer-Szekely who had supported Cathy and the family throughout the years.

I was privileged to read the manuscript and endorse this special book.

Professor Freda Briggs AO Emeritus Professor of Child Development says – ‘I hope Cathy’s story will encourage oothers to create a safer and more caring world for children.