Your story has been an inspiration to me

I received the following feedback from a “36 year old of two beautiful young girls” She included aspects of her own story with her letter. I have ommitted those but am happy to share her testimony with you. I am very glad that my story has inspired her.

“I’ve just finished reading your book; “Innocence Revisited”.  Firstly, I want to express my admiration for your courage, for your incredible persistence and for your commitment to resolving your trauma and healing your life for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of your children and your husband…..

Thank you for the gift of sharing your story. It must have taken momentous courage to actually write your story and then to publish it.

 Many thanks again for your courage.  Your story has been an inspiration to me and has helped to give me some perspective on my own experiences.  You have renewed my inspiration and given me new hope that I can also attain some stability and long lasting inner peace.”

Cathy Kezelman interviewed on The Circle 4th May

Cathy Kezelman is interviewed on The Circle about her personal process of recovery for her own childhood abuse.