The ongoing protection of children must be a priority


This article was posted online in response to an article on about the crisis in the Catholic Church entitled “Yes we can beat church abuse”

An apology while welcome is only a start and for many sadly is too little too late. The fundamental betrayal of victims by the perpetrators has been serially compounded by the systemic failures of the institution and its hierarchy to act. We have seen global cover-ups, institutional risk minimisation, failure to bring the perpetrators to civil justice, blaming and re-victimisation of the victims and a failure of pastoral care.

Apologies are needed but they must be matched by a genuine focus on ongoing care and support for victims, reparation, true accountability, real justice, and a structural review of the factors which have enabled secrecy and silence to take precedence over the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the flock. The ongoing protection of children must be a priority with every measure being taken to ensure not one more innocent child is put at risk. The damage done to the innocents amongst us has been devastating. The victims who have been left struggling, their communities and families must be the focus.

An apology yes but real redress and a review and fundamental changes within the institution which allowed so many crimes to be committed within its walls.