Dear Cathy,
I finished your book on Monday morning, I couldn’t put it down. Such COURAGE UNDER FIRE!!! Tears were streaming down my face in the final pages at your triumph. I had lots of questions on the Sunday because I hadn’t finished the book but these were gradually answered. No one should have to endure what you endured, it’s a credit to you and growly that you all pulled through, he’s the best, doing his absolute most to help you survive and survive you did. You were blessed with Kate, she came through as a very courageous therapist, professional and also your trusted friend.   I read somewhere that at your book launch your children spoke and Dan and that they had the audience in tears, it is a blessing that your family is still together and stronger than ever. Cathy you are an absolute legend in my book, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your involvement in ASCA, it is the most wonderful organisation and it has given me so so so much strength. You are doing good things, you are helping so many people, this book is going global girl look out !! 🙂 love Frances x

Standing ovation

I was most touched by the following feedback from a fellow survivor called Jamie. Jamie entitled the email “Standing ovation”

“I finished your book last night. I feel like I know you as a sister. It captivated every spare minute of my time and I am so happy for reading it. My wife is going to start reading it now too because it has put into words what I have not yet managed to do. It has helped me so much I can’t describe how proud I feel for you as a fellow survivor.”

Your survival is remarkable and profound

I have read your book.  Your survival is remarkable and profound, as is your expose’ expressed in parts.  This shocking story, sickening to the soul, serves to give hope, at least to other survivors embarking on the road to recovery.  I am amazed at your resilience and compulsion to deal with very difficult issues.  Congratulations on articulating this very difficult history.

I wish you continued success on your road to recovery, in finding the life that was robbed of you!

Thank you for sharing it with us.

 From John

A personal message

A book ‘in parts’ is clever and apt.

 I can understand the repression.  I cannot imagine the annihilating isolation of your childhood.  How well we are masked … for who can tell

what goes on beneath the surface.  It is a credit to you that you have come  throught it.  You have always presented as a happy well-adjusted


 Your willingness to share such personally humilating acts against your  person speaks of recovery.  The speeches of your children also bring glory  to your soul – they are impressive.

 How you managed the return of mental devastation for 10 plus years is  amazing.   Nevertheless, you remain the talented, committed, true,

 interesting and pleasant person I first met.  Thanks for sharing with and  trusting others … and yourself.

from Daphne

An inspiring account

Cathy Kezelman’s book is an inspiring account of her quest as an adult to confront and then move past the deep psychic trauma of her sexual abuse as a child.  Remarkably the author illuminates the defence of dissociation and gives voice to the fragmented parts into which, in order to survive, her childish self disintegrated. The book is a testament to a wonderful therapist, a loving husband and the author’s own courage in reclaiming lost parts of herself and integrating them into a whole self for the first time in her adult life. It provides hope that despite childhood trauma a good life can still be achieved.

Dr. Susan Kempler

Mark Tedeschi QC

Cathy and husband Dan speaking with Mark Tedeschi at launch

This book is not just another memoir by another victim of child sexual abuse. It is much more than that. It is more than anything a vivid and emotionally poignant portrayal in the first person of the intricate psychological and emotional contortions that a child will go through in an attempt to ensure the child’s psychic survival during a time of abject terror. It is also a dramatic and detailed description of the psychological proceses involved in an adult striving for the state of health that comes from exhuming those memories of child sexula abuse that were deeply buried so many years previously.

This book is a roadmap for other victims of child sexual assault who are facing the trauma of dealing with events that happened many years earlier. It is a strong message of hope for those staring death in the face, those who cannot see a way forward into a life of health, those who face rejection of their memories from family and friends, those who daily revisit the terror and abject cruelty they experienced as children, and those who fear that they are lsoing their minds and descending into madness.

This is a message of hope in a bottle and a roadmap towards heatlh for those who feel isolated, lost and terrified.