TED Global entry – The Trauma of Child Abuse

Below is the script for a video recorded for TED Global auditions, youtube link to the video as well as an article from Sydney Morning Herald related to the TED competition

“Do you know that the biggest public health issue of our times is the trauma of child abuse?

It affects one in five adults in our society and causes ‘long-term disease, disability, chronic social problems and early death’. And yet the issue is treated with a deafening silence.

Traumatic amnesia related to child abuse is not only experienced by survivors, but also collectively by communities.

I know because I’m a survivor, a medical practitioner and President of ASCA, where I help thousands of survivors.

New insights from neuropasticity research have brought hope and optimism. The brain can change and repair itself; people can recover. We need to translate this research into practice.

But first we need to shift attitudes. Just as child abuse survivors need to challenge their thinking and behaviours towards recovery so too do our policy makers and systems of care.

I want to create this change and bring health and wellbeing to people and communities affected by the trauma of child abuse.”